Keep on Keeping on

Since the show, we’ve really been really sticking to our plan and hoping things will sort themselves out.

photo 3 (36)

photo 2 (35)

I will say that the mare has been a joy on the flat. 

Happy doing her thing on the line.
Happy doing her thing on the line.  I wish she’d stay this color when she sheds out.
We’ve been able to ride outside a lot more, and am trying to add more walk-abouts after rides so we can get to that goal of going on an offer property shindig sometime soon.

As for jumping, she’s been a bit jeykll and hyde.  One week she jumped around fine, then had one jump she just couldn’t comprehend.

O’s reaction to one of the jumps.
The next week, she gave no cares whatsoever, and popped her way around some courses like she’d never stopped in her life.  So while we still puzzle that out, I’m trying really hard to be relaxed and realize that some things take time.  Also, I’m so grateful for the spring and longer nights to be able to work with her.

Per usual, she’s been a lover on the ground, and continues to look and feel really great.

I  picked up a belt from C4 this weekend during their bogo sale and I’m so excited to see mine!  Who said boring hunters can’t play with colors (at least in schooling)?

Shocker…guess what color I went with?!


The best one.

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