March Media

From the pony show this month!


Cute pony.

Cute pony.

Want this quiet, but all the time.


Sorry about the sound on the video-I thought I had muted it all. You can review what actually went down at this show HERE…or I can sum up:

1.  We get lead changes a few times.  Yay!?

2. I’m riding super defensively, it’s not my proudest moment, but I honestly just wanted to stay on.

3. My husband didn’t record the part in each course where I addressed the jump she was stopping at.  During the show, I was able to convince her to go over the offending jump, but I just don’t have video proof.

4. I don’t have a recording of the course where we actually make it around.  Newsflash-it still wasn’t all that pretty, but it did snag us a 5th place.

I’ll admit watching this was a bit depressing, as we were so all over the place.  But record keeping is vital in this world; I hope that we’ll be able to look back in the next months and see how far we’ve improved.

13 thoughts on “March Media

  1. I still think you and O are lovely together. There were some bobbles, but there were a lot of really gorgeous moments too. I think you guys are going to have a really good show season 🙂

  2. I think you two looked absolutely lovely! She has a wonderful canter and when you both are working forward, it is fabulous. Your defensive riding left her in a pickle in a few of spots. Riding a complicated horse is like that though–you know what you need to do but your brain is screaming “just stay alive woman!”. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

    • I do love her canter, it’s really fun to ride. Urghh-yes, I definitely got us in a pickle to that diagonal a few times, luckily she was game to pick up my slack there. Looking back now, I was really critical, but it’s more for my own reference as we move forward. I’m crazy about my little horse, and I’m sure we’ll figure it out 🙂

  3. It is all an experience! You guys always look so great together and have made so much progress since then already! How funny it will be to look back on that video at the end of the season to see how far you’ve gone 😉 😛 :).

  4. I thought you rode really smoothly! It didn’t look super defensive at all- it looked like you were riding the horse you had under you and showing her off. Which is the goal!

  5. You are such a great rider! Your horse is so adorable and I think you really mesh together. I really love your style of writing. You always keep the posts interesting, informative, and unique! I have decided I HAVE to follow you! I would love if you could check out my blog, myhorsemylife. Thank you!
    -Haileysmyhorse (my blog is myhorsemylife)

  6. you guys make it look downright easy when everything is going smoothly!! but wow, she’s got some quick moves when she sees gremlins, huh. nice job staying with her!

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