March Media

From the pony show this month!


Cute pony.
Cute pony.

Want this quiet, but all the time.


Sorry about the sound on the video-I thought I had muted it all. You can review what actually went down at this show HERE…or I can sum up:

1.  We get lead changes a few times.  Yay!?

2. I’m riding super defensively, it’s not my proudest moment, but I honestly just wanted to stay on.

3. My husband didn’t record the part in each course where I addressed the jump she was stopping at.  During the show, I was able to convince her to go over the offending jump, but I just don’t have video proof.

4. I don’t have a recording of the course where we actually make it around.  Newsflash-it still wasn’t all that pretty, but it did snag us a 5th place.

I’ll admit watching this was a bit depressing, as we were so all over the place.  But record keeping is vital in this world; I hope that we’ll be able to look back in the next months and see how far we’ve improved.

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