Q1 Review, Q2 Goals Posted

Starting in January here were my Q1 goals for O and I, as well as this blog:

1. Oil/condition new bridle, get a happy mouth pelham for the horse.

2. Go to local show on Feb. 1st to take on the 2’9” division.  Rinse and repeat in March maybe?

3. Fix the zipper on my half chaps.

4. Go on a trail ride.

5. Host a fun contest on A Gift Horse!

1. Great success!  I received the hard rubber mullen mouth just a few days ago, and it will go into action this week (I hope).  Also, loving the new bridle so far (My Merry Christmas to Me Present), and will do a review about it as soon as I get to know it better.

2. Local shows got screwy due to the crazy weather, so 2’9” had to wait.  Bummer.

3. New zipper is installed!

4. Trail rides happened….abet they were quite short.  

Happy ears engaged!
Happy ears engaged!
5. Contest done!  Thanks for all who participated!

So going forward into Q2 I have a few new goals:

1.  Show in May or June (depends on budget) and rock out whatever division we are in.

Cute pony.
Cute pony.
2. Continue developing O’s confidence over fences.

First jump
That way I don’t have to ride so defensively!
3. Enjoy the weather, ride outside as much as we can.

4. Leave the property for a trail ride.

More of this!
More of this!
The husband and I have a few big financial things popping up this summer, so I’m not sure where our show budget will be, so that is still pending.  It’s not so bad really, I can then focus on confidence, developing my horse, and having fun this summer!  I’m lucky to have shows locally go pretty much year around, so I’m not stressed about getting to every summer show.

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