A Few Favorites: March 2015

Some things I love right now.  Inspired by Lauren’s post a bit ago!

This pony.  Especially when she comes to me in her field (please ignore my annoying voice).

Funky Martinis.

German Shorthair Puppies.

My new coat.

New favorite.
New favorite.

Sharpie pens. Trust me—just go get some.

They make you write like  a princess.
They make you write like a princess.

The weather this weekend!  Gorgeous.

No I do not ride with my lower leg that far back, someone was getting a big bump in the side to keep going.

Sorry I’ve been off the radar a bit this week-the day job has been busy, busy and I’ve been out riding instead of blogging!

Go check out DIY Horse Ownership’s great giveaway celebrating 100 posts!  A really neat giveaway.  I’ll post the lucky winner to the Emily Equine Creations giveaway on Monday!  Get excited!

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