Sticking to My Guns

Before I go into the clinic and all it’s fun.  I have a bit of a PSA.

I am guilty of lately letting this blog fall to the frustrations and complications that I’m currently dealing with, and while I appreciate so many of you commenting on the havoc that reigned during our last horse show, I feel that I should make the following statements.

1. It was only one show.  Shit happens, horses act badly sometimes, a lot of times I ride like an ass.

2. O’s been checked all over by the vet since her less-than-quality stopping behavior started this winter.  No one thinks it’s pain related.

3. I own a mare.

3.b. It’s spring, and I own a mare.

4. She is the coolest horse to ride, guys.  Really.

5. She’s going from 6 rides a week to 4.

6. Her and I have had some fabulous lessons this winter and spring.


I refuse to believe that because she’s acted out that she’s not worth the attention and training to figure out a plan forward.


Maybe it’s because I try not to brag too much, but guys…this horse…she’s so special.  I’ve never ridden one like it, and it’s the best feeling in the world to be in her tack.  And while we’ve had a few struggles on and off this late winter/spring, I also am really proud that before this show, we hadn’t had a stop during lessons in weeks, we were actually talking about moving up again. Riding her is the best high in the world.  She’s that cool.

My heart.
My heart.
So I’m sticking to my guns.

I’m willing to work with her, because she deserves the chance to prove herself.

I want O to be my old lady horse in 20 years, sitting out at the ranch being cranky and adorable in retirement.  One bad show, and the fact she can stop does nothing to change that.

Plus now I have a plan. I love plans.

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