Blogger Weekend 2015




I was able to join Jen of Cobjockey, Jen of Wythern Oaks, Lauren of SMTT, Stephanie of Hand Gallop, Karen of Bay with Chrome, Amanda of $900 Facebook Pony, and course several very handsome horses in Texas for the blogger weekend shindig.

To get things started there was drinks, and foods, and more foods.

Why yes, we did have two desserts.

Why yes, we did have two desserts.

And there was ponies.

I loved this pretty girl, Mia, that Lauren procured for us to ride.When she got going you could feel the action in her gaits, yet it was like sitting on a cloud, so comfortable.  I could have let her canter forever, it was so fun.  What a cool mare.

Meet Mia, 17 hands of redheaded mare.

Meet Mia, 17 hands of  lovely redheaded mare.

Tall, long mare is tall and long.

Tall, long mare is tall and long. She makes even me look little.  PC: Lauren of SMTT

And of course, I couldn’t get enough of the cuteness of Simon.  He is so soft in the bridle, and it’s like riding a ball of energy.


PC: Lauren of SMTT

See my smile?  PC: Lauren and SheMovedToTexas

See my smile? PC: Lauren and SheMovedToTexas

I even popped him over a few jumps, and let me tell you what a fun boy!!  Very adjustable, and he turns like a jumper boss; hard enough around some jumps that I gave a super embarrassing squeal the first time it happened.

PC: Jen Cob Jockey

PC: Jen Cob Jockey

Tight turns

Going for the tight turn. PC: Jen of Cob Jockey

Jen and I subjected him to a selfie!

photo 2 (14)

The rest of the night was spent talking ponies, laughing and eating as much dessert as possible.

The next day dawned cold and nasty, but we bundled up as best we could (I was planning on actually having Texas weather) and headed to Wyvern Oaks to see Jen’s Brego and Paddy.

Worlds teeniest and most pitiful icicles.

Worlds teeniest and most pitiful icicles.

And I must say.  They are just as handsome as they look on her blog.

He seems pretty content.

Paddy seems pretty content.

I squealed and cooed over Paddy’s adorableness, and later got to take a bareback spin on him.  Those ears=cute overload.

I sat on him bareback and reveled in his cuteness.

I sat on him bareback and reveled in his cuteness.

Such a handsome boy!

Such a handsome boy!

I love a tall, dark and handsome guy, so Brego and I also spent some quality snuggling time.

photo 1 (27)

He even humored me, letting me ride him and attempt to joust a bit.  Very cool, and really, really difficult. Shoutout to Jen’s husband who makes it look super easy.

photo 4 (11)

If Southwest didn’t have such a strict weight policy I think I would have tried to sneak Brego home with me!

Just too sweet.

Just too sweet.

Finally, we shopped it out in some of Austin’s tack shops!  I picked up this great Ariat coat for 50% off and snagged a new girly leadrope for O and myself some warm socks from Horseware because they are ridiculous soft.

photo (4)

We also got great swag bags!! Thank you so much to the amazing sponsors who donated items to our fun weekend.




The trip ended for me that afternoon, after some amazing margaritas and Mexican food.  These ladies were all so great and I enjoyed getting to know them face to face for the first time.  To Jen and Lauren, thank you for being such wonderful hosts and showing us around your city and sharing your horses with everyone!

I think there is a definite repeat need for 2016!

22 thoughts on “Blogger Weekend 2015

  1. How can you not smile when you ride Simon?! He is so awesome and tons of fun!! Also, I concur that we need to make blogger’s weekend an annual event…. mostly because I missed the first one!!

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  3. This sounds like so much fun!!! I hope I can participate someday 😀

    You look great on Brego btw. He is such a hunk.

  4. So glad you could make it – I had such a great time hanging out with you. Definitely on the books for 2016, and next time with warmer weather!!!

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