Keep on Keeping on

Since the show, we’ve really been really sticking to our plan and hoping things will sort themselves out.

photo 3 (36)

photo 2 (35)

I will say that the mare has been a joy on the flat. 

Happy doing her thing on the line.

Happy doing her thing on the line.  I wish she’d stay this color when she sheds out.

We’ve been able to ride outside a lot more, and am trying to add more walk-abouts after rides so we can get to that goal of going on an offer property shindig sometime soon.

As for jumping, she’s been a bit jeykll and hyde.  One week she jumped around fine, then had one jump she just couldn’t comprehend.

O’s reaction to one of the jumps.

The next week, she gave no cares whatsoever, and popped her way around some courses like she’d never stopped in her life.  So while we still puzzle that out, I’m trying really hard to be relaxed and realize that some things take time.  Also, I’m so grateful for the spring and longer nights to be able to work with her.

Per usual, she’s been a lover on the ground, and continues to look and feel really great.

I  picked up a belt from C4 this weekend during their bogo sale and I’m so excited to see mine!  Who said boring hunters can’t play with colors (at least in schooling)?

Shocker…guess what color I went with?!


The best one.

March Media

From the pony show this month!


Cute pony.

Cute pony.

Want this quiet, but all the time.


Sorry about the sound on the video-I thought I had muted it all. You can review what actually went down at this show HERE…or I can sum up:

1.  We get lead changes a few times.  Yay!?

2. I’m riding super defensively, it’s not my proudest moment, but I honestly just wanted to stay on.

3. My husband didn’t record the part in each course where I addressed the jump she was stopping at.  During the show, I was able to convince her to go over the offending jump, but I just don’t have video proof.

4. I don’t have a recording of the course where we actually make it around.  Newsflash-it still wasn’t all that pretty, but it did snag us a 5th place.

I’ll admit watching this was a bit depressing, as we were so all over the place.  But record keeping is vital in this world; I hope that we’ll be able to look back in the next months and see how far we’ve improved.

Q1 Review, Q2 Goals Posted

Starting in January here were my Q1 goals for O and I, as well as this blog:

1. Oil/condition new bridle, get a happy mouth pelham for the horse.

2. Go to local show on Feb. 1st to take on the 2’9” division.  Rinse and repeat in March maybe?

3. Fix the zipper on my half chaps.

4. Go on a trail ride.

5. Host a fun contest on A Gift Horse!

1. Great success!  I received the hard rubber mullen mouth just a few days ago, and it will go into action this week (I hope).  Also, loving the new bridle so far (My Merry Christmas to Me Present), and will do a review about it as soon as I get to know it better.

2. Local shows got screwy due to the crazy weather, so 2’9” had to wait.  Bummer.

3. New zipper is installed!

4. Trail rides happened….abet they were quite short.  

Happy ears engaged!

Happy ears engaged!

5. Contest done!  Thanks for all who participated!

So going forward into Q2 I have a few new goals:

1.  Show in May or June (depends on budget) and rock out whatever division we are in.

Cute pony.

Cute pony.

2. Continue developing O’s confidence over fences.

First jump

That way I don’t have to ride so defensively!

3. Enjoy the weather, ride outside as much as we can.

4. Leave the property for a trail ride.

More of this!

More of this!

The husband and I have a few big financial things popping up this summer, so I’m not sure where our show budget will be, so that is still pending.  It’s not so bad really, I can then focus on confidence, developing my horse, and having fun this summer!  I’m lucky to have shows locally go pretty much year around, so I’m not stressed about getting to every summer show.

A Few Favorites: March 2015

Some things I love right now.  Inspired by Lauren’s post a bit ago!

This pony.  Especially when she comes to me in her field (please ignore my annoying voice).

Funky Martinis.

German Shorthair Puppies.

My new coat.

New favorite.

New favorite.

Sharpie pens. Trust me—just go get some.

They make you write like  a princess.

They make you write like a princess.

The weather this weekend!  Gorgeous.


No I do not ride with my lower leg that far back, someone was getting a big bump in the side to keep going.

Sorry I’ve been off the radar a bit this week-the day job has been busy, busy and I’ve been out riding instead of blogging!

Go check out DIY Horse Ownership’s great giveaway celebrating 100 posts!  A really neat giveaway.  I’ll post the lucky winner to the Emily Equine Creations giveaway on Monday!  Get excited!



Defining the Relationship
Snookum-ukums, where do you see this going?  
Let’s be realistic.  What’s the plan with your pony?  Is it a five-year investment with a return, is it until you move up beyond the Kin’s abilities, or is it forever*?
O was not a planned purchase, but rather me stumbling onto her while she was at my barn for someone else to try.  I lessoned on her for a few weeks, not really in love yet, but I could see there was a nice hunter potential in her. I picked her up 4 months before my wedding, assuring my poor now-husband that we’d figure out if we wanted to keep her long term later.
It was only last summer when someone asked me what I was going to do with her, and without thinking I said,
“I’m not selling this one, she’s staying with me.”
She is not easy, but most horses aren’t.  She has so much personality and heart.  To sell her would mean massive amounts of regret, and that I don’t plan on dealing with.  So she’s staying.  Hopefully until her cute face is grey and she’s fat as a little pig in a field somewhere.
Before that she’s get’s to be my adventure, to see how far we can go together!  As far as athletism goes, I think she will be able to do more than I’d ever want to do.  So that area is covered.  Maybe in her older years she can teach my kids to ride.  Wouldn’t that be the cutest?
 I know things happen, perspectives can change, but I feel in my heart that this is what I want.