I Broke the Connection

Second title option was: same old, same old.

I really struggle with keeping my wrists, primarily my left wrist straight.  Instead I like to bend and ‘break’ them while riding.

Breaky breaky.
Breaky breaky.
Can't even walk without breaking it.
Can’t even walk without breaking it.

Well trainer zeroed in on that in this week’s lesson since we were struggling with a true feel at the canter.  One second I’d be scrambling to rein her canter back in–the next I was (figuritively) flapping the reins are her.  Huge shocker: our pace around courses was not so hot.  Trainer eventually shouted at me across the ring telling me I had ‘broken the connection‘ with O and this was causing a lot of miscommunication.

This phrase really made sense for me and somehow made me more aware of when I was breaking my wrists.  Each time I felt like I wasn’t getting the right feel from O I would check my wrist before anything else.  9/10 times it was exactly what we needed. Really hoping that this new phrase and perspective on my outside rein, and my struggling left  wrist gets this bad habit fixed up.  I’m tired of dealing with the same issues.

I was really proud of how great O’s canter can be right now.  She’s getting the hang of holding herself up properly and now we can take some time to work on me again.  We didn’t jump anything exciting, but there was no refusals and a few decent lead changes.  All good things!

As far as the rest of this week of riding?  Epic fail.  It was cold and nasty outside, and the barn was discouraging rides. I did go out to pet the pony and checked her double blanket situation was still alright.  I think O was pretty surprised to see me.

"What are you doing here?"
“What are you doing here?”
"Do you have foods?'"
“Do you haz foods?'”
The answer was yes.
The answer was yes.


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