FOO Blog Hop: A Day in the Life

This changes ALL the time, but right now this is how my days usually roll out. On non-barn days I am super boring and just come home and eat, sloth around so that’s no fun.


6:00am Alarm goes off. Crawl out of bed, grab phone, crawl back in bed.
6:15am Second alarm goes off, I blindly throw on workout clothes and stumble down our stairs to the basement to workout. I blare music and get my workout stuff done.
6:50ish Waunder around the kitchen putting dishes away or making my lunch while I cool down.
7:00am Shower, make self as presentable and professional as possible.
7:30am God willing I’m on the road, probably closer to 7:40 most days though.

8:00am Urge the company elevators to go faster.
8:10am Get to desk, figure out gameplan for day.
8:10-11:30am Extinguish any fires, chase down marketing research, troll Facebook and news sources, dabble in my proposals, stalk a project manager who has been avoiding me, plan the menu for next month’s event, and blatantly ignore my blinking voicemail button on my desk phone.
11:30-12:20ish Lunch, play on phone and blog land.
12:20-5pm Repeat of morning activities except with way more urgency since I want to go home someday.
5:15pm I join the thousands of people milling about on the highways.

5:45pm I get to barn, grabbing my third set of clothing for the day I get changed, always lamenting in a forgotten sock or whether my butt will hang out since I didn’t pack a belt again.
6:00pm Chase horsebeast, capture and bring inside.
6:15pm Get on, ride, chat with trainers and other riders.
7:15pm Dote on pony, then throw her back in her field with cookies.
7:40pm Arrive home, dinner has been planned so I usually whip that up with my husband and a large glass of wine’s help.

8:00pm Eat, relax, watch TV, play board games, read more blogs, troll tack sites, show my husband about 100 adoptable dogs from a local shelter we should own. He shows me a picture of the horse I already own.

My "dog"
My “dog”

10:00pm Watch Netflix or read in bed.
10:30pm Likely doze off.

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