I’ve Got the Power

I haven’t decided yet, but this may have to be my new mantra for riding.

I’ve got the power.

This week in our lessons we continued to work on picking her head up, preventing that spook early on, and riding forward-forward-forward.  There was  a twist though, as we wanted to work on adding the stride to each line.  Never the less, forward still needed to be happening, just with a more controlled stride.  My trainer laughed and told me straight off O was going to hate all of this.

She was right.  O wasn’t super thrilled about the adds, or going over the scary gate…or the suspicious brick boxes she hadn’t jumped in months.  But ya know what, too bad.  I hated math classes, but I didn’t get to opt out of them my whole life.  This lesson reinforced the idea, that I need to take back the power.  No more babying her because she’s still green in some areas.  Time to work princess, and yes, sometimes you won’t like it all.

When she backed off to the scary jumps, she got a squeeze, a half-halt and I raised my hands and her head a bit…. if still backing off, she gets a big ole bump with the heel.  Not listening to me repeatedly down the lines??  Time to sit your butt down ponycakes.

And you know what, she went over everything the first time, and in the correct amount of strides I asked for.

Loopy courses for the win!
Loopy courses for the win.

This doesn’t take away from how proud of I am of my horse or how much fun she is to ride, but rather shows that as the leader in this party, I need to start being more steadfast in my actions.

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