Cold Ponies at Play

I was glad to see even if it’s horribly cold they are still happy and enjoying themselves.  Plus they were all super excited to see me with my food bucket!

Sorry it’s blurry-my camera is a mess at the moment.

It’s been a rough weekend with O, and I don’t have time to get it all written out yet.  Sometimes folks, these mares are a pain in the butt.

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I Broke the Connection

Second title option was: same old, same old.

I really struggle with keeping my wrists, primarily my left wrist straight.  Instead I like to bend and ‘break’ them while riding.

Breaky breaky.

Breaky breaky.

Can't even walk without breaking it.

Can’t even walk without breaking it.

Well trainer zeroed in on that in this week’s lesson since we were struggling with a true feel at the canter.  One second I’d be scrambling to rein her canter back in–the next I was (figuritively) flapping the reins are her.  Huge shocker: our pace around courses was not so hot.  Trainer eventually shouted at me across the ring telling me I had ‘broken the connection‘ with O and this was causing a lot of miscommunication.

This phrase really made sense for me and somehow made me more aware of when I was breaking my wrists.  Each time I felt like I wasn’t getting the right feel from O I would check my wrist before anything else.  9/10 times it was exactly what we needed. Really hoping that this new phrase and perspective on my outside rein, and my struggling left  wrist gets this bad habit fixed up.  I’m tired of dealing with the same issues.

I was really proud of how great O’s canter can be right now.  She’s getting the hang of holding herself up properly and now we can take some time to work on me again.  We didn’t jump anything exciting, but there was no refusals and a few decent lead changes.  All good things!

As far as the rest of this week of riding?  Epic fail.  It was cold and nasty outside, and the barn was discouraging rides. I did go out to pet the pony and checked her double blanket situation was still alright.  I think O was pretty surprised to see me.

"What are you doing here?"

“What are you doing here?”

"Do you have foods?'"

“Do you haz foods?'”

The answer was yes.

The answer was yes.



Every horse seems to have at least three names:  the “real” one, the barn one, and that special one.  What are some of your pony’s names?


Registered Name: Dunham ‘N Diamonds


Barn Name: Olive

photo (8)

Pet names:



Booty-ful (get it?)

Are you looking at my butt?

Are you looking at my butt?


This nickname comes in handy when I'm attempting to catch her.  And she's doing this.

This nickname comes in handy when I’m attempting to catch her. And she’s doing this.



Pretty Girl

*Tuba Noises* in place of any name.  This is how my trainer and I greet her.  Guys, she walks SUPER slow.

photo 2 (49)


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Another Month Into Magnesium

I wanted to do one last update on magnesium as we continued down that path to alleviate the overly spooky tendencies that had sprung up this winter.  A month or so ago I posted my original I love magnesium post.  We had started O on 3000mg of magnesium, and that is the dose she has continued on.  Since she lives outside, she doesn’t get it at the same time everyday or anything, but rather each of the 5-6 days a week when she does get ridden.  In my first post I raved about how much less spooky O had been since starting the Mg.

Wild beast here.

Wild beast here.

Today I’ll be repeating myself a bit.  She still eyeballs things, but it is so much less dramatic than before Mg.  Does she still peek at jumps?–Absolutely–but I cannot remember when she last stopped at a jump.  It has probably been a month or more.  This is a big deal.  I can deal with a peeking horse!  Better yet is the desired side effect.  Since she is relaxed enough around the ring’s ‘scary’ jumps we are able to reinforce that when she does something good, she gets rewarded.  When she does something good over/around/near something scary she gets bigger rewards (pats everywhere).  Since her brain is quiet enough to let her soak in this idea, I’ve been much more successful.

In fact in my lesson this week, I swung up and she immediately marched across the ring to a jump that had been slightly undone, the standards were leaning wonky and the poles were askew; the very same poles that we had stopped at only weeks ago (oh yes-she refused a scary blue pole).  Without guidance from me she power-walked to it, and without missing a beat climbed through the awkward set up and continued to march confidently around. Small victories!

Basically I’m not saying that it works for everyone and it may not seem like a big deal, but Mg is giving my horse the chance to really process what is going on around her, without getting anxious.  She’s now having those confidence building moments, and I’m able to reward her.  Even further, the more confident she gets, the better she is actually jumping.

Cute pony.

Cute pony.

FOO Blog Hop: A Day in the Life

This changes ALL the time, but right now this is how my days usually roll out. On non-barn days I am super boring and just come home and eat, sloth around so that’s no fun.


6:00am Alarm goes off. Crawl out of bed, grab phone, crawl back in bed.
6:15am Second alarm goes off, I blindly throw on workout clothes and stumble down our stairs to the basement to workout. I blare music and get my workout stuff done.
6:50ish Waunder around the kitchen putting dishes away or making my lunch while I cool down.
7:00am Shower, make self as presentable and professional as possible.
7:30am God willing I’m on the road, probably closer to 7:40 most days though.

8:00am Urge the company elevators to go faster.
8:10am Get to desk, figure out gameplan for day.
8:10-11:30am Extinguish any fires, chase down marketing research, troll Facebook and news sources, dabble in my proposals, stalk a project manager who has been avoiding me, plan the menu for next month’s event, and blatantly ignore my blinking voicemail button on my desk phone.
11:30-12:20ish Lunch, play on phone and blog land.
12:20-5pm Repeat of morning activities except with way more urgency since I want to go home someday.
5:15pm I join the thousands of people milling about on the highways.

5:45pm I get to barn, grabbing my third set of clothing for the day I get changed, always lamenting in a forgotten sock or whether my butt will hang out since I didn’t pack a belt again.
6:00pm Chase horsebeast, capture and bring inside.
6:15pm Get on, ride, chat with trainers and other riders.
7:15pm Dote on pony, then throw her back in her field with cookies.
7:40pm Arrive home, dinner has been planned so I usually whip that up with my husband and a large glass of wine’s help.

8:00pm Eat, relax, watch TV, play board games, read more blogs, troll tack sites, show my husband about 100 adoptable dogs from a local shelter we should own. He shows me a picture of the horse I already own.

My "dog"

My “dog”

10:00pm Watch Netflix or read in bed.
10:30pm Likely doze off.