Lesson Recap in Video

Here are some quick clips from our lesson last week.

The course looked roughly like this:

Paint skills for days. NOT.

Paint skills for days. NOT.

I slowed down the clip at the end down the close line so that you can all see how crazy my wrists are.  I mean wow.  Definitely going on the list to work on again.  Also need to work in quieting my body over these smaller jumps.

Also this week we spent quality time trying to control the gravity defying qualities of her mane.  Not sure how it’ll pan out, but I gave it my best.  We also went on a short bareback jaunt and spent some time working on our lunging.  She’s been great.

3 thoughts on “Lesson Recap in Video

  1. Cute! I swear all indoor arenas look the same. This is not the first video on someone’s blog I’ve watched and though, “I think I’ve ridden there before!”

    I can’t wait to actually practice a little course on Knight. We’re still working on lines. Baby steps. How does it feel to be an inspiration?

  2. great video!! she looks so relaxed and fluid 🙂 good luck with the wrists thing too… for whatever reason i think that’s one of the most difficult habits to correct. one of my wrists is *usually* ok-ish, but the other one, not so much ha

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