More Like a Jumper

I had my last lesson before the horse show this weekend last night.  Naturally we wanted to jump around a bit and see what nit picky items we could get fixed up.  Main objective is to deal with the possible stops or spook over jumps with more fill.  Once she goes over it once, we are usually good to go.  I just have to get that one round completed with minimal crazies and I should be set.

Game Plan:  Ride O like she’s a big time jumper.

Basically I need to keep her head up, lots of leg forward and keep her firmly in the middle all the way to the base.  Usually when she ‘quits’ at a jump it’s really just magnified hesitation.  I have to be there to support her!  Also, since she practically noses the jump before hopping over it, I need to be more proactive about really keeping her off her forehand approaching the jump.

Evidence that she practically touches the jump before hopping over.


Staring the jump down.

Staring the jump down.

This is not her stopping but rather how close she likes to get before popping over.

This is not her stopping but rather how close she likes to get before popping over.

Good news is that pony jumped around pretty content, and with my “new” defensive and forward ride me made it over everything the first time.

photo 1 (28)The hope is that at the show we can utilize the warm up round to deal with an shenanigans and can do our new jumper feel then.  Next we can hopefully cruise through the rest of the show.

Like I said.  That’s the hope.  We’ll see what actually happens.




19 thoughts on “More Like a Jumper

  1. This sounds just like my pony when I first started her! She would refuse the first time over every jump, and then be totally fine after she just got over it once. For her first show I was SO nervous that she would refuse and we’d get eliminated…she refused the first warmup jump and then didn’t refuse any more over the warmups. Then when we went into the ring for our round I was still crazy nervous but she just powered over all the jumps and I was so incredibly proud!!! That forward thinking and riding is really key. My pony may now be a little too forward over some jumps…but better than refusing IMO!

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