Balancing It Out

Here in the Midwest it is toasty 40 degrees out and so pretty much everyone is out riding.  Except for me….between O pony being a bit footsore (suspected from being an idiot in the field) for our lesson Monday, quickly followed by a very, very sick husband I’ve ridden once this week.  Pony was back on board to ride but personal things, and a massive work load keep interfering with my ride times.

Random cute pony face.

Random cute pony face.

So what do you all do when you can’t ride and it’s no fault of your horse?   Do you ask a friend to ride?  Let them munch hay and practice being a lawn ornament?  What do you think?

 I sent out a pleading “Hi Trainer, anyone (legit) around the barn to ride my pony?” text yesterday after needing to go home instead of the barn.   Of course I would never do this with just anyone, my trainer is great, and I know she would never put anyone on my horse who would put her in any harm.  Now I can feel a bit of jealousy cropping up because it is really nice outside, but the bottom line is I need to be able to be available for my family as well.

Summer love.

Summer love.

Balancing life can be complicated.  And I’m whining—— time to stop.

Perks=Farrier is coming in the next few days to get O’s tootsies trimmed up before we head to a local horse show a week from Sunday.   Fingers crossed this “nice” weather sticks around for the show!

15 thoughts on “Balancing It Out

  1. If I can’t ride, mine doesn’t get ridden. It can be crazy hard to balance riding and work and family and friends. With my three previous horses, I was more comfortable about asking people to ride them because they weren’t quite so quirky, but Eli never seems to mind a mini vacation every so often.

  2. I let mine sit. Miles really doesn’t care much one way or another and as long as he’s getting some turnout (which my barn is excellent about) then you can’t really tell much of a difference. Although, sometimes I ask my BFF to hop on occasionally, especially if I’m on vacation in the summer.

  3. my mare just doesn’t get ridden if i can’t get out there… in a normal world the horse’s owner would be out riding too, but she’s laid up for months with a horrific foot injury… so yea. not ideal but that’s winter for ya!

  4. When I was at home, Lucy was at home, so if I didn’t ride, she didn’t get ridden… Which was completely 100% fine in her world. She’s also the kind of horse I can let sit for 6 months and get on and she’s right there with me (albeit, fat and out of shape). Unless it’s an extended period of time where you’re worried about conditioning, or on one where you think you might actually die the next time you get on, I just wouldn’t worry about it!
    That being said, I loved being the one in the barn who got to hop on the fun horses when people couldn’t make it out!

  5. It depends. If he’s been working hard, I just let him sit. If he needs more consistency in his life (aka right now) I will pay for training rides. I have to compromise on lessons to do so, but if it’s better for Simon I generally try to make it happen.

  6. I only have a couple of people I can ask to ride Murray, and it’s very hit or miss whether they can (they all have lives too, unfortunately!). However, he is a pretty good boy even when he’s fresh (gets lots of turnout) so it’s normally no big deal if he gets a little while off.

  7. I wish I had a balance! I feel horrible if my horses’ sit around since they only get 4 hours of turnout a day (well stampede is on stall rest right now so he’s just sad and cranky!). I’m very stringent about making sure they work at least every other day, so that means I ride daily normally. Only time I give that up is at the end of tax season when I’m working 70+ hours a week then usually Stampede sits or lunges and P has a list of people who love to ride him. Even then, in the winter I walk the horse who doesn’t work in the evening to let them stretch their legs. I might be a bit crazy!

  8. Sometimes I miss being 14 and having no other priorities besides hanging out at the barn! Being a grown up sadly seems to mean having to do other things instead of always ponies. Glad O is feeling better anyways!

  9. Life happens sometimes! My Horde do sometimes get unplanned days off, which irritates them almost as much as it irritates me. I am generally unsympathetic as they spend the day rolling and grazing picturesquely in the meadow. When they opine that they would rather be carting a monkey around over poles, I tell them that it’s not my fault they’re crazy.
    In all seriousness, though, there are more important things than getting in the weekly rides, so try not to feel too bad about it. I’m sure O will forgive you. 🙂

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