SWOT for 2015 and Q1 Goals

A short and sweet look at SWOT for 2015, and what I’m planning to tackle with my Q1 goals.


Great trainer

Supportive spouse

Close proximity to horse

Great facility to ride at

Variety of local shows to compete at

Career to support the financial side of things

Awesome half-leaser

I don’t totally suck at riding most days

I know my horse


Work sometimes infringes on fun with the horses

Changes in work industry are going to be interesting/nerve-wrecking.

Must make smart budgeting choices in order to achieve our goals


Looking into starting my Masters degree

Lots of upcoming shows this year

At least two clinicians coming to our barn in 2015

Great support group to ride in

Trainer is wanting to keep us moving up


My car is dying, slowly but surely.

photo 5 (4)

And now for the goals.  In Q1 I want to tackle a few things:

1. Oil/condition new bridle, get a happy mouth pelham for the horse.

2. Go to local show on Feb. 1st to take on the 2’9” division.  Rinse and repeat in March maybe?

3. Fix the zipper on my half chaps.

4. Go on a trail ride.

5. Host a fun contest on A Gift Horse!

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