Saying Hi to 2015

To start things off, I got the cutest gift from Emily from Wilbur Ellie & Emily!  Look how cool!?

It says "Life is a beautiful ride". I love it!
It says “Life is a beautiful ride”. I love it!

Thank you so much Emily for the really thoughtful gift, I love it.  I had a blast participating in the Blogger Gift Exchange this year, so again, big thanks to Tracy for organizing.


Let’s get this year started right.  Goal time.

With the horse:

1. Keep O sound.

2. Get the husband to ride O.

3. Kick some butt in the 2’9” divisions. AKA be competitive.

4. Start jumping 3 foot.

5. Nail those lead changes.

6. Attend another clinic.

7. Show somewhere new.

8. Be able ride my horse alone outside (without her freaking out).

9. Go on more trail rides.

As far as the blog goes I have just two:

1. I’d love to purchase my own domain in 2015.

2. I’d like to hit 300 followers!

Personal life:

1. Be a great wife, student and friend.

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