A Review in 2014 Goals

Let’s chat about goals for 2014.  Back when I created these (here) I was still reeling from a confusing year of mystery lameness, and 2 months of rehab for the pony.  So I kept things pretty general.

First and most importantly-keep O sound. I’m mentally calling this a giant success.  Did she have normal horse stuff like an abscess and some footsore tenderness during the worst of the summer heat?  Well, yes.  Was it manageable?  YES.

Sound and jumping like a grown up horse.

Sound and jumping like a grown up horse.

Take O to her first horse show (that I know of). Well it wasn’t pretty, but we made it around!  Plus five other shows this year, and at each one we learned and had a great time.

Convince my husband to take a lesson or ride on O English style. Epic fail, the husband was an amazing cheerleader this year, but I couldn’t convince him to ride her.  I did convince his Dad though…does that count for anything?


Farrier-in-law taking O for a cruise.  I think she’d adorable in western tack.

I participate in my first horse show since high school.  This was a bit repetitive, but I was worried in January that if O remained unsound I would be riding other horses, and showing them. But yes, this was a success.

Get our flying changes down. Fail.  They aren’t there consistently.  They exist, but aren’t “down”.

Feel confident jumping around full courses with consistent pace. Yes, success.  O is really starting to figure out how to regulate herself, and I have stepped up and gotten a better feel for the ride we need.

Win a ribbon, any ribbon: Not only ribbons, but some blue ones to start O’s collection.

Find and buy new tall boots to fit my mammoth calves.  I love my tredsteps!  They are ridiculous comfortable and look great.

Nerd alert.

Nerd alert.

Participate in a clinic.  Success!  Probably one of my absolute favorite memories of 2014, I had a blast and learned so much.  Plus my horse showed up and showed us she could be really great.


9 thoughts on “A Review in 2014 Goals

    • When I went to try on chaps last year, the woman laughed at me…actually laughed at me because they weren’t sure they had chaps big enough. Now who’s laughing lady–I’m sticking with my tall boots. 🙂

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