Wrapping up the Year: Happy Anniversary

What a whirlwind the past year with O has been!  This is our 2nd anniversary together (paid her off in December), and  I feel like it was just in the past few months that we’ve began to have that special horse and rider connection.  With our first year being so full of lameness and other issues, this year was the first time we really were able to start working as a team.  I’m so incredibly glad to have this mare in my life!

Happy Anniversary to the one and only Dunham ‘N Diamonds!

photo (21)

Let’s celebrate with a few of my favorite pictures this year, paired with a highlight for the month.

January: Coming back into full work, we move to a new barn and start to progress in lessons.

New arena, new work ethic.
New arena, new work ethic.

February: It was brutally cold and icy.  We plugged forward trying to keep in as much work as possible.

IMG_1671 - Copy

March: I get dumped and end up out of the saddle most of the month.  Check out the money numbers on that fall!  Crazy.

April: Our first horse show is full of ugly moments, but we get through it.  O gets a few days off for an abscess in her front right.


May: We got to our first off site show!  O shows us that she can travel and still keep brain engaged.


photo 1 (48)

June: O has to get her back shoes pulled and of course it makes me incredibly nervous.

Happy horse.
Happy horse.

July: O is a bit footsore, it’s very hot out, so I spend a lot of time researching her family.

Enjoying her time off.
Enjoying her time off.

August: We move up to 2’6” in our last home show of the summer and snag three blue ribbons.


September: I buy lots of new pony stuff, and attempt to get updated conformation shots.

Conformation shot fail.
Conformation shot fail.

October: We do our first clinic and it’s awesome!



November: We travel to another local facility for a horse show and earn the move up to 2’6”-2’9” in the next show in January.

December: I meet the Fancy Pony and rider, Jacq, at our home holiday fun horse show!

The Fancy Pony with O and I in the background!  PC: Jacq
The Fancy Pony with O and I in the background! PC: Jacq

What a year!!  Cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store.  Cheers ya’ll.


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