Back to the Fun

I’m a very purpose driven person.

I like goals.

I like plans.

I freaking love to do lists.

So sometimes I tend to get a bit wrapped around my goals, aspirations etc. and forget to actually enjoy the riding.  I know that sounds silly.  And it’s not like I don’t enjoy riding every time, but it’s a different kind of fun lately.  Maybe it’s because we’ve had a few rough lessons?  Who knows.

The point is I went out on Christmas Eve and ONLY focused on having fun.  I brushed her until her coat was glossy and she was half-asleep.  Then I stuffed her full of candy canes.  After I mustered the effort, I tossed her bridle on and then a lunge line and watched my pony trot nicely around me.

And then I hopped on bareback and we walked and walked around.  I got to chat with some other riders, and we worked on bending, moving her shoulders over for me.  Then we did poles, and circles.  She was perfect.  I was toasty warm from being on her, and it was fun.

Good simple fun.

What's more fun than chevron saddle pads?
What’s more fun than chevron saddle pads?

Later we trotted around, working on sitting quietly and asking her to soften through half halts.  It was so much more simple sans saddle, and I was smiling and having a great time.

I got off and gave more loves before turning her out.  And now I feel about 100x better about all things riding.  Sometimes you just have to go out and have fun.  The goals will still be there tomorrow.

Oh and it helps when your favorite grey mare sleeps like this in the field, and refuses to get up, even for treats.  What a goof!

Just too exhausted from eating to get up.
Just too exhausted from eating to get up.
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