December Horse Show Videos

God I love videos.  They don’t lie and are great teachers. Now to the videos and some takeaways.

First 2’6” Class:

-I should add leg when I feel her hesitate (stop at jump 1)

-Our left to right lead change isn’t there on course

-I ride defensively

-I love our approach to the single on the diagonal and I think she jumps really cute

-Opps, too much whoa down the far outside and we get a little long

Second 2’6” Class:

-The ride down the diagonal line is lovely

-That translates into a quieter lead change

Equitation Class:

-Now that I watch this I feel like the whole time I’m letting her build up

-So I get a tight one on the diagonal line

-Followed by a LOUD lead change which I didn’t help to support

-Our left to right lead change isn’t there on course (suckiness)

At the end of the day right now it’s about building our confidence together and I do feel like this show helped that. Very proud of my pony.

12 thoughts on “December Horse Show Videos

  1. I always have to think about really riding hard to that first fence because it’s so easy to just crawl up to it. Your round definitely got better each time, and while there’s still things to work on you are learning each other and getting so much more confident! And that’s really what it’s all about 😀

  2. Those videos are awesome! Your commentary really highlights the differences in our disciplines too (hunters vs. eventing/jumpers). I thought that third video was the best ride, since O was much more forward to every fence, which helped her have a smoother takeoff and better jump despite perhaps getting a less than optimal spot. So I vote for video number three. 😀 If you ever want to ride optimum time classes or dabble in eventing, that’s your ride for the stadium.

    • I do think that the 3rd was our best ride too, but I just should’ve been more aware of getting consistent pace. 🙂 Great point about the takeoffs though, she does seem to be more fluid to them with the bigger pace.

  3. great videos – definitely a lot to be proud of there! she’s such a cute jumper and you look like a great team. as a sufferer of first-jump-itis, i’d just move right along and pretend that first stop never happened lol

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