Just Too Cold

It went from 75 and sunny to freezing and blustery overnight about a week and a half ago.  Since then it’s continued to be freezing outside.  No snow yet, but I’m sure that luck will run out at some point.  Coupled with me being sick again (stupid sinuses) I feel like I have barely ridden.

Last night it was 18 degrees (felt like 8) and just too cold to do much of anything.  I snatched pony from her field and was oo-ing and aw–ing over her poor frozen self, but when I finally got her in she was toasty warm under her blanket.  Point for equine-kind, they do know how to keep warm.  She’s also a bit fat and very content so life is good.

TBT: winter 2013.  Pony all bundled up.

TBT: winter 2013. Pony all bundled up.

I tossed her on the lunge and she worked out of some seriously stiffness to eventually have a nice walk/trot/and canter sesson on the line.  

I know we’ve spoken about this before, but what is your temperature that you say it’s just too cold to work them?  My trainer prefers it to be over 20 for a ride, and then only light work.  Anything below can be evaluated with her (or she posts somewhere).  I agree with it.  Since I’m not on some epic showing rampage right now I’m content to keep her warm and comfortable rather than work her butt off in the frigid cold.

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14 thoughts on “Just Too Cold

  1. Probably if it is much lower than 30 degrees I won’t work my horse. It isn’t worth it for me at that point, I will likely go for a walking trail ride bareback over his blanket or something.

    I feel you on the sinuses- I think I should buy stock in Mucinex it is the only thing that stops a sinus infection in its tracks when I feel one coming on

  2. i’m probably not going to the barn at all under 20, but will maybe try to get some pony time under 30, and will ride if there’s reasonable footing anywhere. but at some point, our arena will freeze and stay frozen for weeks (or months), so i try to ride for as long as the footing lasts

  3. Single digits. If I skipped below 30 I’d already be on a break!

    20 and above I work normally.

    10-20 I do lighter work: probably walk-trot only.

    0-10 I might hop on and walk just to loosen him up if it’s sunny outside, or if I haven’t ridden in a while. Good chance I’ll jump on top of whatever blanket he’s wearing.

    Below 0 and I might stop by the barn to check on him but no riding for me.

  4. 20 and up = 100% work, but I don’t usually have lessons below 25

    10-20 I do walk/trot

    10 and Under I skip the barn whenever possible, haha

  5. Below 30 and I’m out. Or if the wind chill is ridiculous, because wind + cold = very bad. Fortunately in Central Texas there is not a lot of incentive to gut it out in below freezing temps because it doesn’t happen too frequently.

  6. I’m probably in a minority here, but I do live in the frozen Indiana tundra and my horse is on 24/7 turnout. I will work my horse in any weather I would run in. I’m pretty cold blooded, so that means we work in anything 15 degrees and up. Below that, we will still work, but not super hard. There is no temperature I would not consider fit for a hack down the road. If my horse can’t walk down the road with me, then how is he surviving in his pasture?! Usually the deciding factor for riding is whether or not I can keep from developing frostbite while I ride. 🙂

    Last night it was 18 degrees. We did some amazing work on the counter canter.

  7. So…it never really gets below the high 20s here and that’s only a few nights per year. 😛

    Our day time temps are mid-40s-50s during the winter, but I won’t go out and ride if its super windy out at any time of the year.

  8. When I lived in Almost Canada, one of the barns I rode at would only cancel lessons if the actual temperature (not windchill) was below 0 degrees (if we skipped the barn for under 30, we’d only ride for half the year). Then I was supremely spoiled for a while riding at a barn that was heated- barn and arena. Now-a-days I am getting softer about it but I still hinge more on the edge of someone has to tell me “no” because I’ll ride in just about any cold weather. Obviously being conscientious: riding indoor, longer warm-up, no max effort work, and making sure my horse is put up dry.

  9. I have to feed my horse, so I am at the barn everyday. A long warm up and cool down are essential if it’s really cold, but I think under 20 is pushing it. Although I do think walking at any temperature is a good thing to get their blood flowing!

  10. At my last barn in Alberta, lessons got cancelled if temps were below -20C/-4F. At first I thought there was no way I’d ride that cold, but it’s doable when you’re inside out of the wind. Around here on the BC coast, I don’t think it really gets too cold to ride…it definitely gets too rainy though :))

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