Top Five Memories

This idea is stolen from Beka!

1. Best horse memory: Probably this summer, cruising around our first 2’6” classes like we knew what we were doing.  Accumulation of so much work, plus the blue ribbons were a nice bonus.

2. Worst horse memory: The day the vet told us O might not ever be totally sound for work. TIED WITH the day my leased hunter mare fell in our lesson and we discovered a nasty bone chip.  I felt like I had broken both of them–worst feeling.

I love me a chestnut mare!

Such a special mare.

3. First horse memory: They kind of blur together, but my very first show when my appy lesson mare refused move forwards and I got stuck in a corner for a bit.

4. Last horse memory: Getting cookie mugged when I turned O out yesterday.

5. Most memorable horse story: This one is really hard to pick, I’m going to go with my first trail ride with my husbands family.  They do a huge group trail ride with all their clients, family, friends and it was about 6 months after we started dating.  I tossed my english saddle on the hub’s fiery chestnut mare thinking I was a total badass, there wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.  That day I learned how incredibly reactive and fast ranch horses are.  I had her so fired up by lunch that I got off and switched horses.  Respect the power of those ranch ponies…and never piss off a redheaded mare.  Since then I usually play western rider that day and let the hubs handle his spicy little horse.

She says "Get on me, I dare you."

Hub’s spicy mare says “Get on me, I dare you.”




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