Show Pictures

This past show had a cute little photo booth set up by a 1 woman company (I think?) and she was doing show photos for only $5 a pop.  I ordered one and incidentally got a bonus photo! Whoop!

I admit that when I picked out the photos I was all “OMG cute pony, cute!” and barely looked at myself.  But then I got them on my computer and I have to say that I look a bit messy.

A disclaimer, my little mare jumps very, very round so be gentle on the critiques.

Photo 1:  I remember riding to this one defensively (she was staring it down)  and it looks like I was more worried about keeping hold of her and getting over the jump than looking pretty.  My elbows look like they are about to help me take flight…But yeah, look at the pretty horse who is trying to use her body correctly.


Photo 2: This little oxer was one of the only jumps on course she took seriously.  Note evil orange flowers of death in front of it.  I like myself better here, although that round jump of hers makes me really want to press my chest to her neck I have  strong heel, my back is flat, head up, and I am giving her the release she deserves for the jump.   Plus-look how cute she is!


It’s funny how much photos reveal, and while I’m not thrilled with the whole picture, it’s just more proof that we are learning and changing every ride.  Onward and upwards folks!



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