10 Things I didn’t Know

After the show this past weekend O got the next day off, then last night I just went out, groomed her, stuffed her full of treats and made her tote me around bareback for a bit.  Her new winter coat is coming in and it is so soft and dark.  Anyway it was fun to see her, and I think she’ll get back into more work later this week.  I’m tentatively putting a show (or two if I’m feeling wild) on the calendars for December to keep the good pony action going!

She puts up with me.

She puts up with me.

photo 2 (10)

Yes, my hair is down, and I’m wearing a childs helmet.


The Semi Feral Equestrian blogged about this last week, and I thought it was really interesting.  In equestrian sports I feel there is always a pursuit to learn more, new things.  Anyway here is 10 things I didn’t know 10 years ago.

1.  How often horses got their teeth done.

2. How to wrap a diaper foot/abscess bandage.

Sadly I've become rather good at this part.

Sadly I’ve become rather good at this part.

3. How to use draw reins correctly.

4. What/how/when about anything hackamores.  Literally I was clueless.

5.  The basics of different types of shoeing, hoof care options.

Feet looking so much better this March.

Feet looking so much better this March.

6. What the heck natural horsemanship was.

7. That their were different heights within the pony world. (Small, Medium, Large)  Don’t hate-my first trainer refused to work with ponies if he could help it and I’ve been 5’10” since like 7th grade.

That poor pony.

That poor pony.  I think I’m 16 or 17 here?

8. That OTTB horses were going to become a huge, HUGE deal.  And I leased two of them!

9. That mules can jump like no one’s business.

10. How to handle/work with very young foals.

Still my favorite baby horse.  Even if he's three now.

Still my favorite baby horse. Even if he’s three now.

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10 thoughts on “10 Things I didn’t Know

  1. O is so cute!!
    I would totally do a post on this list, but since I didn’t even own a horse 10 years ago and knew next to nothing, it wouldn’t work to do just 10 things… it would have to be like… 100. Literally. I knew nothing.

  2. I was ignorant about most of those for a very long time, too. My first horse has only ever had one abscess his entire life. I didn’t know how to wrap/bandage/diaper a hoof because I simply never had to!

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