Holiday Extravaganza: Get Your Buy On

Well folks, it’s officially holiday season and a few weeks ago I had the idea to put together a short list of popular companies who were willing to give a discount out to the readers of A Gift horse.  So here we are!  Each of these companies is someone I have enjoyed worked with personally or who received glowing recommendations from the blog world, and in many cases-both.

Two Socks Design: This company is the maker of my favorite saddle pad of all time, the pink chevron.

Modeled here by O

Modeled here by O

The saddle pad is lovely, and the embroidery work is wonderful.  Check out Two Socks Designs website here, or go straight to their etsy page and use the discount code AGIFTHORSE for 15% off until Nov. 15th.

SCequine: Stephanie provides truly gorgeous horsehair bracelets and jewelry to her clients.  She’s offering 15% off for A Gift Horse readers using discount code AGiftHorse at checkout from her etsy shop.

sc equine

Moxie Designs: Tiffany at Moxie Designs produces some of the more creative and beautiful personalized works I’ve seen!  I personally have a face brush that I love so much it doesn’t get left at the barn (rides in the car).  Check out her past works here on Facebook and then put in an order using the code AGIFTHORSE for a 15% discount!  Please note that she is currently booked up on holiday arriving items, but her gift certificates make a fabulous gift for any fellow equine lovers.  Or heck, order something for yourself to arrive after the holidays.

Charleigh’s Cookies: Who can forget O’s favorite treat!  Charleigh’s Cookies has generously allowing all A Gift Horse readers a 15% discount on their next cookie purchase using the code AGiftHorse from Nov. 4th-Dec. 21.  Make sure to try out their new Cover-Up Cookies!

CC-banner-logo (1)

Perfect size and crunch factor.

Perfect size and crunch factor.

Bridle Bling: Their motto says, “Every horse needs a little bling!” and I agree!  Check out all the great bridle charms, spur straps and other accessories at Bridle Bling here, or on Facebook.  Discount code is AHB15 for 15% your purchase!

A big welcome to Higher Standards Leather Care, who is offering 10% discount to all readers using the code AGIFTHORSE at their etsy account!  Go and grab yourself some of this fabulous smelling tack care product.   This one is on my Christmas list.


And finally, the wonderful people from The Bionic Glove Store are giving away two more free pairs of the Bionic AquaGrip Gloves!  I reveiwed the classic bionic glove here from earlier this year.  To enter, comment below on which company you would be most interested in purchasing something from, or if you did purchase something!

Women's New  AquaGrip Equine Glove Synthetic Black

If you have any problems please let me know through email at  Thanks all!

21 thoughts on “Holiday Extravaganza: Get Your Buy On

    • Ooohhh I just noticed Bridle Bling – and love the look of these too !! As there are plenty of people loving SCEquine and much more deserving than me, I might change my vote. Mind you, both are now on my own ‘wish list’. I’ll be happy to pay the overseas postage for either as well so they are not out of pocket for me not being US based.

  1. I always drool over those brushes, but I don’t think I’d ever buy one because I’d feel guilty that it just sat in my house where I could stare at it instead of get it dirty! I’ll be buying Bobby some cookies for his Christmas present though!

  2. Well I already have my two beautiful bracelets from SC Equine (one thanks to your previous giveaway, thanks!). I would love a brush set from Moxie designs, I swoon over the pictures of brushes on instagram and fb regularly! Always looking for good gloves that last though!

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  4. I cut some of Beef’s tail off and have been wanting to have a bracelet or two made out of it, so I will probably be ordering from SCequine. I’ve been meaning too get that done, just haven’t had the heart to wash it yet. Guess that now is as good of a time as any.

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  6. I’m totally buying more Higher Standards leather balsm since my brother ran off with mine to condition the leather seats in his truck! Very cool that you pulled all this together!

  7. Out of everyone thing on this list (awesome discounts btw), I think I’d most want the gloves 🙂 I’m a sucker for well-fitting gloves, especially when it’s cold out!

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