The Feedback from No-Kid Equestrians

I admit that when I posted No-Kid Equestrians two weeks I wasn’t quite sure of the response I would get.  Thank you to all who opened up and shared their opinions on this very personal subject.

As I’ve mentioned before, I fall on the side of wanting a kid or two down the line somewhere, but totally understand those who do not.  Sharing time with kids definitely changes your equestrian life.  Someone mentioned in the comments that I should post what feedback I do receive so here it is.  I love a good data dump, so enjoy the following.

Number of People Who are Undecided:

4 out of 21 sited themselves as still deciding whether kids are in their future. Roughly 19% of commentators.

Number Who Do Want Kids:

3 out of 21, roughly 14%.

Number who Do Not Want Kids:

14 out of 21, roughly 66%.

Out of the 14 who do not want to have kids the reasons pretty much feel into 3 categories.

1)  No, but it’s not about horses.

2) Changes are too much.

3) Horses needs come before.

I was interested to find that most people (9 of the 14) who are going to be childree actually feel into the 1st category siting  that is wasn’t their horse lifestyle that affected their decision to not have kids.  The other two categories were split evenly which is a huge testament to putting our animals needs before all else.  Okay so remember all this, I’ll come back to it.

The statistics on women choosing to not have kids are pretty scattered, so I’m going with the US Census number from 2012 that 16% of women 40-45 have no kids..  Comparing that to our little commentary focus group you can see that our 66% is much higher than the 16% cited there.  That paired up with the majority comments of our 66% say that horses didn’t directly affect their decision; I feel I must point out that it seems that while horses do not make that decision for us, those involved with horses are able to stay more involved in the hobby because they have chosen a childfree life.  Interesting trends ya’ll.  Sounds like something we already know–horses are high maintenance!




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