From the Horse’s Mouth Blog Hop: Thankful


Originally I was going to do a throwback thursday to some fun memory from when it wasn’t cold or rainy like today, but ended up searching posts from last October and realized what I should be focused on is how grateful and thankful I am.  One year ago (and a few days) I had only been back on my horse for 3 weeks, and the rehab was slow and seemingly useless.  I was completely torn apart by not being able to fix O, or do anything to make her better.  This year, my horse is happy, healthy, and in full work jumping actual courses.   Perspective people, it’s a big deal

Emily has perfect timing with her blog hop at From a Horses Mouth.

What are a few horse-related things that you are super grateful for?

  • I am so grateful my horse is sound and comfortable, major bonus for not having to wear pads or special shoes anymore.
  • While he isn’t exactly game to hop into the English saddle anytime soon, my husband has outdone himself this year between helping at horse shows, understanding the finances associated with this passion, and by simply knowing when he needs to (literally and figuratively) take the reins.   O still thinks he’s the greatest things since sliced bread, and so do I.
  • I’m grateful for my amazing job and the support of friends and family so that I can do exciting things like horse shows and clinics with O.
  • This year taught me I have trainers and fellow riders who will come running when I need them, hold my hand when I need it, and take care of my horse when I can’t.  I do not know where I’d be without my spectacular barn family.
  • Finally, I’m so grateful for O herself.  My little bay mare has dug herself so deep into my heart, and I’m so glad I get to spend time with this special horse.

Wow.  Feeling like a very lucky girl this morning!  Thanks for the great reminder Emily!

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