Dear O-pony

Dear O,

My dearest equine friend.  I am so sorry that I didn’t come out to ride you last night.  When I got home from my day job I found a house full of laundry, some suspicious looking piles of dishware and a husband who looked severely neglected.  Yes, I know you believe that my only goal in life is to serve you and your mareish ways, but last night I just couldn’t make it out there.  Please understand my apology.  I’m sure you spent the extra day off calling longingly for my attention or watching over the pasture fence for my car; rather than gorging yourself on what’s left of summer grass and tormenting the new pony in town.  Right?

Don’t despair, I will be back out tomorrow, to serve as your entertainment as you gallop gaily away from me when I try to catch you, or to scrub away at your mud soaked coat as you swish me in the face with your tail.  Just please, don’t dump me in front of the trainer when I finally get back on.  You at least owe me that, plus I have cookies, lots of them.



12 thoughts on “Dear O-pony

  1. I just hope she doesn’t turn to sabotage. When my mare thinks she hasn’t had enough attention, she loses her fly mask, knocks over water troughs, and then goes into the arena to demolish all the jumps.

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