Agenda Updates

I’ve really enjoyed the schedule lately. A little less work for O and I, and lots of fun stuff like trail rides and bonding time during important things like grazing.

And it’s all about to get much more interesting. On Saturday, as in 5 days from now, O and I are participating in our first clinic ever! The clinician is amazing and usually comes to visit us once or twice a year. Until now either it didn’t work out timing wise so I’m even more excited to finally work with him. We are doing the 2’6″ stuff with maybe a bit more tossed in? I’m just guessing by who else is in my timeframe.

Also, Nov. 2nd is another local show that my barn is going out to, so I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and take O. It’ll be great offsite experience, the 2’6″ goes first on Sundays so hopefully I won’t be there until midnight.

Wish me luck! Lesson tomorrow, quickly followed by some mane pulling/cleaning session for my hairy beast.


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