HGBH: What’s in a Name?

Stephanie at Hand Gallop has a great blog hop for us. She asks:

What’s the origin of your horse’s show name and barn name?

O’s show name is Dunham ‘N Diamonds, and is a direct reflection of her parents, Dunhams Revenge and MC Diamond King (I did a post on her genetics earlier in the blog).  At first I was interested in changing it, but I think it fits her, so we are sticking with it!

The barn name that she came with is actually Olive, but when I bought her I had recently sat on another sale horse named Ollie (who I loved btw) and so I wasn’t a huge fan of her name being so much like his.  My husband came out to meet her and immediately dubbed her O, and it stuck in our minds.  So that’s what she’s called around our home and family, and hence why I like do use it on the blog. She’s a pony of many names really, and that’s not counting the ridiculous ones.

Fat and shiny pony.
Shiny pony named O.

Bonus: on Sunday O was sound, perky, and happy to be out and about.  Yay!  Lesson tonight!

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