Timing Sucks Somedays

Usually once a year, I get knocked on my ass by a horrible, gross, coughing, sneezing, asthma inducing evil cold thing.  I hate the doctors, so by this age I’ve learned to just stock up on meds I know work, and try to fight back best I can.

What does this mean timing-wise?  Well literally I haven’t sat on my horse for almost a week.  Yup.  Horrible mom right here.  I did huff and puff out to her field to force her into some lunging last week, but basically she ate and grew more hair last week.  So not only do I not have a time for 2pointober, but I don’t know when I will.  Maybe I’ll run a side bar and play along for funsies/to get my thighs to stop shaking at 2 point.  I’m sure any of you out there with asthma will know that it sucks a lot.

Ohhh and I made a very un-adult decision to go to two back to back sporting events this weekend to cheer on my favorites.  Bad me, but totally worth it!  Noted that beer does clear the sinuses.  Imagine that.

So here are some random pictures of O trying to squeeze her head through the stall opening I left.  Somedays we struggle.

Silly human left my door open...
Seeing if I am paying attention to her
I iz going to eszcapppee!
Confused how to get her whole head out
If I just get my face through here...
Not getting the angle right here…so a little bit stuck.
Great success!
Great success-she’s ready for treats!

Please note that if she had ever gotten fully stuck the doors slide really easily and the most she would have done was open it wider.   Fingers crossed for more interesting posts coming soon, because even I’m bored after reading that.  And I wrote it.  Yikes.

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