CPEAP Trivia Contest

The Caisson Platoon Equine Assisted Programs is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to providing equine-assisted activities for Wounded Warriors and Veterans.

1. When was the Caisson Platoon Equine Assisted Programs started?
May 2006
2. What are at least 3 benefits of equine assisted therapy?

Increases self-confidence, Provides a sense of accomplishment and well-being, Improves mental and emotional outlook

3. Students complete Lesson Reviews twice each lesson which helps record the therapeutic effects.
Horseback assisted activities for wounded warriors.
4. This picture shows on important facet of the program. What is it? Soldiers Helping Fellow Soldiers

BONUS: Recently arena letters were purchased for the program. Why did fence letters work better than letters on cones?

Constantly looking down off of their mounts can change/shift the riders balance.  Keeping eyes up they can maintain their position and still see the letters.

These equine programs are just another way that horses have impacted the lives of those around us.  We are so lucky to be healthy and able to ride whenever we choose.  If you ever are considering volunteer work, definitely check into local equestrian therapy groups in your area.  Such great causes!

4 thoughts on “CPEAP Trivia Contest

  1. I worked as a therapeutic riding instructor for a few years! My center didn’t serve veterans, but children and adults with special needs. It was very rewarding work and you could definitely see the impact it had on riders’ lives! Certainly a worthy cause to be involved with as a volunteer. 🙂

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