Hood: Check!

It is official, with the purchase of my hooded blanket this weekend, O is going to get clipped this winter.  Not full-body, but something that keeps her from being so sweaty and uncomfortable plus allows us to show this winter if we get the chance.  Here are some options.


I’m really liking the high trace clip which is the 2nd from the left.  Thoughts anyone?

Another great lesson this week on the O-pony.  She popped over everything I pointed her at, and was really soft to me for the most part.  Big focus was ‘getting it done (in our case, adjusting her stride), then leaving her alone’ down the lines.  That way I don’t end up half halting about 2 feet before the jump.  Obviously this tuned up my eye a bit and I felt like we were straight and very lope-y down the lines.  I liked it.

The nights are getting cooler here, and I am planning on squeezing in one last spa day before it gets too cool!  Hairy pony is too hairy already.

20 thoughts on “Hood: Check!

  1. Trace clip looks good if you can convince her to allow her face to be clipped. I was going to hunter clip mine, and then she wouldn’t let me near her face and legs, so now she has the fat-head-woolly-legs-sleek-body look XD poor child

  2. I gave my horse a high trace clip last winter… loved it! He still had some hair so he wasn’t too cold while I rode him (and fox hunted him on some pretty chilly days!) but his neck didn’t get sweaty and take forever to dry.

  3. I’m probably going to do a full body clip on Miles again this year. Since he’s TERRIBLE about the process, I opt to shave it all off once and be done with it, haha

  4. straight and lope-y is always nice in a lesson 🙂 and i know *nothing* about clipping since isabel stays relatively sleek, even with her winter coat. lucky us?

  5. I’m not huge on trace clips usually (nothing against them, just my weird OCD), but if I were going to do one it would be the one you picked. Glad you had a good lesson!

  6. Before last year/this past winter, I always did a high trace clip on Bobby because I didn’t have a blanket with a hood. He still sweat like CRAZY on his neck and took forever to dry out. Maybe try a blanket clip if you don’t want to do a full body (I leave fuzzy legs and face because he gets turned out at night even in winter)? That way her tush and back will still be nice and warm, but her chest and neck won’t be soaked.

  7. I clip horses for a side job and I always clip depending on where my horse gets sweaty. My mare gets a high trace clip minus the head because she only gets sweaty on her neck, shoulders, and flank. My gelding gets a hunter clip, again minus the head, because he is a sweat hog. The hardest part about the trace clip is getting the lines straight and even. Good luck!

  8. The only one I don’t like is the first (on the left). It’s just weird to me to only clip half of your horse’s face. Otherwise I’d say the second one (trace) is great because it still leaves a decent amount of hair for warmth but the key sweaty areas are nice and short

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