Hood: Check!

It is official, with the purchase of my hooded blanket this weekend, O is going to get clipped this winter.  Not full-body, but something that keeps her from being so sweaty and uncomfortable plus allows us to show this winter if we get the chance.  Here are some options.


I’m really liking the high trace clip which is the 2nd from the left.  Thoughts anyone?

Another great lesson this week on the O-pony.  She popped over everything I pointed her at, and was really soft to me for the most part.  Big focus was ‘getting it done (in our case, adjusting her stride), then leaving her alone’ down the lines.  That way I don’t end up half halting about 2 feet before the jump.  Obviously this tuned up my eye a bit and I felt like we were straight and very lope-y down the lines.  I liked it.

The nights are getting cooler here, and I am planning on squeezing in one last spa day before it gets too cool!  Hairy pony is too hairy already.

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