Saturday Shopping with Savings

I’ve been biding my time and window shopping like crazy in preparation for today…it’s the biggest tack sale of the year in this area put on by a nearby tack store.

Primary objectives: Buy everything!  Buy what I need to get ready for the winter season that will be here before we know it.

Well the prices were even better than I could have hoped and I lugged my goodies around the store smiling like an idiot.

The goods.

The goods.

First off, I picked up a cute olive green Rhino medium weight turnout with neck cover that is usually priced between $209-$249 online for $90.  VICTORY!  Also, when I found it I had a good laugh (by myself mind you) since it’s called olive tartan on olive…and O’s barn name is Olive.

So now when she's wears it it will be Olive Tartan with Olive on Olive.  Te he.

So now when she’s wears it it will be Olive Tartan with Olive on Olive. Te he.

I grabbed an Amigo fleece cooler for my BFF’s mare, Honey, since she couldn’t be there for $29.  Typically priced at $54.00 online.  Bonus that it’s dark navy and will look super cute on Miss Grey Pony.

Finally I happened up on a pair of Tailored Sportmans in my size and long.  Priced at $189, I got them for $50.  Bingo.

I also grabbed some random tack cleaner, but that’s not very fun, and the savings was like $1.  So yeah. Not nearly as cool.

Price tag total for my outing was $192.?? for all four things.  Compared at full price ($452), I saved $260.   Woo hoo!

17 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping with Savings

  1. awesome haul!! love the ‘olive with olive on olive’ lol. i just ordered a bunch of stuff (including cooler and breeches too!!) from SP’s recent sale and CAN NOT WAIT for it to arrive 🙂

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