The Adds

This weeks lesson had a decided different feel than last weeks disaster hour.  O was super on the flat, and really just needed some light adjusting here and there.  I focused on keeping my body quiet and efficient.

Trainer then announced what we’d be doing over fences…we’d be doing work on adds down a few small lines.  In case I haven’t whined about it enough lately, my horse has a very large stride, and is often blows through my half-halts between jumps in favor of doing what she pleases.  We have been drilling the adjust-ability idea hard lately, and switched up the a mullen mouth pelham bit to help emphasize the importance of her listening to half halts.

It was shocking to realize that my horse was really coming back to me between the jumps, instead of bulging and pulling at me.  Sometimes it was overkill, even to the point of breaking to the trot a few times during a half-halt.  Not what we were looking for, but the response was correct.  Now to add a ton of leg on my end of things.  The jumps were teeny tiny, but overall the lesson was fabulous, and it felt great to have a horse so responsive and quiet.  Yay us!

I’ve even included a sweet 1ish minute video of us over tiny jumps.  Because I know you all want to watch that.  HA!  Have a great weekend everyone!



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