No Saddle Shenanigans

I’m off to adventure at conferences this week so heads up for some blog hop fun coming your way!  Before I left I wanted to have a fun, relaxed ride on the horse.  Grabbed the horse from field, realized there was only one other rider in the arena and decided to take advantage of all the space.

First I lunged O and made sure there wasn’t anything remotely wild in there (I’m a wuss), before tossing her in her happy mouth and hopping on her bareback.  I haven’t ridden her bareback in months and months, minus the occasional walk back to the field where I’m too lazy to walk myself.

Since O has been so good and our transitions have gotten about 1000x smoother, I was pretty excited to see what it’d be like.  Initial impression is the fact that she is just so incredibly round; as in I hopped on and almost slid right back off the other side.  Props to the quarter horse genetics helping out there, but I also think a lot of the fitness work has really strengthened and ‘raised’ her topline.  After a lap or so, I asked for a quiet trot and got it.  She seemed unfazed by her rider giggling hysterically as we bounced around the arena.  The first few turns were interesting as I figured out how to stay on the furry barrel I was riding.  But hey, go big or go home, so after trotting the other direction, I asked for the canter.

God bless her, her royal fatness was totally chill and once again toted me around like a packer.  After a few laps I had gotten my bareback sea-legs back and starting really enjoying it.  Checking out myself in the mirror, I also loved that the lack of saddle forced me to keep my shoulders back and really use my seat.  We didn’t do too much, but it was a blast.  Afterwards O got lots of treats for not dumping my butt, and extra loves since I won’t be able to ride until this weekend.

My pony is rotund.

My pony is rotund.  



12 thoughts on “No Saddle Shenanigans

  1. love this – glad you had a fun ride! my pony has the typical arab ‘highly sprung rib cage’ (don’t call her fat or out of shape… she’ll tell you ’round is a shape, thankyouverymuch.’) so i’m hoping that’ll help me meet my sept goals of riding bareback… you make it sound fun tho, so maybe it’ll actually happen lol

  2. I always used to keep my mare a bit on the fat side when I was a little kid, since I was too short to saddle her up by myself and rode everywhere bareback. I remember sliding around everywhere on her massive broad back (she’s a cob and I was a petite 11-year-old), but I didn’t mind as long as she was nice and squishy!
    Sounds like you had a fantastic time. Enjoy the conferences πŸ™‚

  3. Awww, glad you had a good bareback ride! And yes, she is quite plump πŸ™‚ But plump usually equals happy, so I’m all for erring on the side of rotund-ness!

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