A Night on the Ground

Even though I spent the whole night out at the stable last night, and that the weather had simmered a bit, I didn’t spend a second in the saddle.

First I spent an hour plus cuddling my horse while pretending to hold her for the farrier. Realistically she’d never move anyway, this pony loves to get her feet done.  She got some snazzy new kicks and took a nap/drooled on me.

Cuddle sesh.

Cuddle sesh.

Then I convinced my farrier-in-law to hop on O.  I’m sort of in love with the cuteness

Note: My farrier-in-law has been riding for 50 years, and is a hell of a rider.  When he rides, (hubs rides like this too) it’s like he’s glued to the horse.  I am always jealous at their ease in the saddle.  That said, the non-neck reining how threw him off for a minute.  


About a hand taller than any of his horses at home.

About a hand taller than any of his horses at home.

Figuring each other out!

Figuring each other out!  Love her one ear back listening.

photo 3 (26)



So it's settled.  She'll go be a fancy cute western pony when we are done jumping :)

So it’s settled. She’ll go be a cute western pony when we are done jumping 🙂

He loved her, he said she was really smooth, and wanted to please.  I probably glowed with the compliments.  Marrying into a family of horseman/women I alsways felt that I needed to validate my riding as it was one of my few qualities that actually come in handy on a ranch! Ha!

Now that I’ve got a few months before another show, I love the quiet that has taken hold of the barn.  I foresee lots of western action and maybe a trail ride or two in our future.

11 thoughts on “A Night on the Ground

  1. You took the words out of my brain. When I saw the first pic and noticed the Western saddle, I thought, “She actually looks like she could be very cute Western too.” And Alchemy’s George Morris comment is cracking me up!

    • It’s a lot of fun with the horsey-in-laws, and there is always someone to call for help or advice which is great. Plus I get to play with their wicked quick cattle horses when I go visit!

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