August Schooling-Like a Boss

Going into schooling I wasn’t sure what kind of horse I would have.  The past show or two we’ve intended to do the 2’6” divisions and then ended up stepping back a bit after our schooling.  As this is my last show for awhile, I was really hoping we would be able to make our move.  My trainer thought we were ready, I was ready, O has been fabulous; all we needed was a great schooling.  

This week it’s been sickly humid, and O has reacting by being pretty dang quiet.  I still tacked up and put in my new snaffle pelham and went to school.  She was practically asleep in the tack.  Woke her back up a bit, and she was okay on the flat.  Not stellar, but obedient.  We headed to the jumping area, and O pleased us all by being incredibly brave, jumping all the filled jumps on the first try, and easily cruising around like she’d done it 1000 times.  Thank goodness.  

We didn’t push her, and let her be done as soon as she jumped everything once.  I was so stinkin’ proud!  She was so focused and eager.  A few of our lead changes were a little bit gritty, but they were happening.  Happy faces all around.

Nom nom nom

Nom nom nom

Observing the schooling after us

Observing the schooling after us



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