Up and Forward

Not that this is a new concept to the equestrian world, but keeping your horse moving forwards and going uphill is hard.  O is naturally built a bit downhill, so we often struggle on this idea.  First we got the forward, now we are trying for the lift in the front.  It is completely necessary for jumping correctly and safely.

My lesson this week focused hard on getting her to lift her shoulders, and be forward without running.  At one point my trainer even got on to show me where I’m dropping the ball.  It was great to see O learning, and my trainer made her look so fancy!   I hopped on again and generally felt a better connection, but dang–we’ve got a-ways to go at the canter before it gets easier.

My amazing BFF was there last lesson and took a few clips via iPhone.  Sorry you may have to go full screen to see!  

We were working over larger x’s, focusing on the correct canter.  I jump up her neck hardcore like a few times, trot jumps are not my happy place.  We struggled a lot with the x directly in front of the camera.  Long approach =lots of time to think and then rethink the distance.  In a bad way.  Overall she was a really good girl though, and I’m excited for the show Sunday.

Enjoy some stills from the lesson footage below!

diagonal jump2

Making very little effort here.

Making very little effort here.

Love this one

Love this one

big jump

8 thoughts on “Up and Forward

  1. ugh forward and up is the hardest! Ha, she jumps like Wiz- like puts her nose on it before she jumps, then jumps really round, and ends with her nose in the same place. It always drags me down- it’s hard to stay centered and strong with my core!! But it does create a nice bascule when they get to the bigger things 🙂 Plus the bigger things naturally backs them off and they get more up themselves. She looks nice!!

    • Yes! So round, and it definitely causes me to go a little nutty with my upper body. I really hope that as the jumps go up I can do a better job of peeling myself off of her front end over jumps.

  2. Argh, trot jumps are my kryptonite too! I don’t know why I just can’t get them, but they are one of the hardest things my trainer has ever asked me to do haha.

    Good luck at the show! You guys will be great 🙂

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