Sore No More: Converted!

This is a long time coming type of post, as it was actually a few weeks ago that I first fell in love with Sore No-More.

I bought some Sore No-More spray on a whim at the Rolex this year because it was a great price, and I had heard amazing things about it via blogland.   To be honest, I didn’t start using it until about a month ago when O came in with some pretty good body soreness.  

She had been running outside with her friends; so  I stuck her in the wash stall and whipped up some Sore No-More bath water, and began to sponge her all over, focusing mainly on her hindquarters where she seems to be more sensitive. 

The barn kitty wanted to be Sore No-More-d as well.

The barn kitty wanted to be Sore No-More-d as well.

After the first pass or two with the sponge, O had her head turned and was staring at me.  She also would tuck and stretch her booty when I went over it with the sponge.  Obviously she was feeling something, and her antics at the time were pretty funny.  

Post bath I ran to get cookies for the horse, and returned to find her head low, licking, chewing, even yawning while she relaxed in the wash stall.  

Happy pony.

Happy pony.

She got the night off, and I rode her the next day and she felt amazing!  I’m completely converted and now keep the Sore No-More handy for anything and everything. Also noted that this stuff seems to go a long way when used, making it plenty affordable as well.   Such a great product, I will definitely be a repeat buyer.  Does anyone else like their other products?  

12 thoughts on “Sore No More: Converted!

  1. I love Sore No More! I use it on myself and my horse. I know how much quicker my bruises and sore spots heal when I use it, so I know it must work on my horse too! I use it under wraps at horse shows to keep Captain Arthritis’ puffy ankles from blowing up, and I’ll use it as a muscle rub on Pig’s sore spots. It’s great!

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