July Horse Show Video Footage

Thanks so much for my parents and awesome husband for their support at this show.  The commentary is brought to you by my Mom and Dad who were playing with the phone.  Sorry no fancy video-amindst the throwing me into the tack and being super late, I would rather them be cheering than running for our nice camera.  

Here you are….

Flat Video, we placed 3rd

Favorite voice over, when my Dad asks if maybe the judge wasn’t watching when I broke up to the canter.  Tehe, thanks Dad.

After watching–there were some people doing crazy things in this class…not sure what kind of competition I was really dealing with.  That said, I did break to the canter from the trot, and my horse giraffe’s a bit in the downward transitions. I was actually beat by a place by a girl who I ride with a lot, she and her little mare are awesome.  

Over Fences, 4th place, 5th place 

Warm up round…

Judged rounds…

Favorite voice over here: My mother scolding my horse by using her ‘full name’ (Olive) when we get a crappy quick change headed to the far outside.  Thanks Mom for not thinking it was my fault…truth-it probably was.   Also, the short discussion on whether I’m actually supposed to getting the 4 strides.

Videos do not lie, and while I see a lot of picky-picky-not-so-great things, I do like some of what I see here: I like that she’s willing to squeeze the strides in, and that I’m committed to asking her to do so.  I do not like how tight I get her on the far outside line.  We struggled that morning too, but dang, it was really tight.

Happy pony.

Happy pony.


Mare is responsive

Mare isn’t having issues with size the jumps

My shoulders are staying back better


Holy crazy hands batman!

On the flat, I still look a little hunched

Swingy leg comes back every once in a while over fences-need to lock that *hit down.

15 thoughts on “July Horse Show Video Footage

  1. One of the biggest pros is that she is steady, calm, and willing. I know you have worked hard to get there, but in these videos, she seems as sane and happy to work as can be. Just gotta fix the giraffe neck, but usually only during a combination fence. She does not flip her nose at the single jumps. I thought your pace of the entire round was lovely! P.S. Parents make the best comments. So sweet 🙂

    • They crack me up!

      And yes-we are playing with perhaps going to a looser curb chain as well. I think the combo of a tighter chain under her little chin, my overly active hands, and her excitement are all creating the giraffe-ness. It’s definitely on the to-do list for our next outing. 🙂

      • Great thought on the looser curb. That makes a ton of sense. Especially because she does not seem like she is trying to disobey at all. She is just darling. You two are great pair. I like that you made giraffe-ness a word. Nicely done 😉

  2. I have a video of myself at a show when I was about 7 and my dad tried to do a subtle…”Change your diagonal Katie” but it was suuuper obvious.

    You guys look great, you are a lovely rider.

  3. Riding is SUCH a mental game, and things always feel much worse than they look. Sure, there were a few hairy moments over fences, but all in all, I think you rode well and O was a good girl! Two thumbs up 🙂

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