A Horse Themed Announcement

It’s happening to me, the gradual change from weddings every other weekend to baby showers.  Which is really sad because I’ve about memorized every Bed, Bath and Beyond store layout in a 10 mile radius.  That and the excessive amounts of wedding gift bags I’m still trying to regift from our own wedding.

Anyway, point being is that many of my friends are starting to have kids, and it’s even more special when it’s your best friend….the one who rides with you all the time and who you trust completely with your own horse, who people commonly mistake you for (appearance and tendencies factor in this one), and the one whose husband puts up with me eating their leftovers whenever I don’t feel like cooking.

So far we’ve been through a lot!


College roomies.

College roomies.

Matron of honor at my wedding...

Matron of honor at my wedding…


So it was the most fun to be able to take these announcement photos for her.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

She is going to be an amazing mom!  Congrats to the whole family, including new (very) big sister Honey!



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