July Show Recap

This past Saturday was our next show at my home stable. We ended up putting up a tent for an additional 40+ horses who came in, plus people who tied to their trailers. So there was a good number of people there!

I got there at 5:30am to school, and O came out speedy, but reasonable. She did stop at our first warm up jump (too behind my leg) and I felt like an idiot, so we came around and she launched right over it.

5:30am was too early for this beastie....sleepy...zzzz
5:30am was too early for this beastie….sleepy…zzzzzzzzzzz

After cantering around the 2’3” stuff we subsequently deciding to stay at that height for this show. Could we do the 2’6” stuff? Yes. Would we be competitive? Meh, no idea. At 2’3” we could totally handle anything, and we are all about the boosting of horsey confidence right now.  I hosed her town, tossed her in a stall (to her horror right next to a particularly scary pony).  They estimated me showing around 2 or 3pm so off to home I went.

Around 12:30 I was eating a chicken nugget in my kitchen (wearing my pajamas) when my trainer texted and said to head back out there. By the time hubs and I got there thirty minutes later, I was running…my class had started early. Hence a bunch of random of my barn mates had thrown my horse together, and literally she was waiting at the gate for me. I walked up, someone tied my number on, while another zipped my boots, while I got my helmet on. Total team effort.  I hopped on, and walked right into the ring for flat class.

O pony was feeling fabulous. A little strong going from the canter to the walk (missed the transition hard core right in front of the judges stand), but she gave me this really wonderful trot that I loved. Out of 7 or 8 horses (didn’t have a chance to get a good count-too much hurrying to get on) we got third in the under saddle. I was really pleased. Even the hubs immediately walked up and said how great she looked.

Remembering to pose with ribbon!
Remembering to pose with ribbon!

Perk of being incredibly late is that people just shoved me into the ring for my three jumping classes. Our warm-up round went well, we really ate up the outside lines, and it was a tight 4 stride for her.

During our second round we really were able to tone things way the heck back, and put my freaking hands down, for a nice round. We even got a flying change, however flamboyant it looked.  We got a fourth out of the 7-8 odd riders.

Third and final class, we marched in with purpose, and although it rode so, so much better that the previous class…we missed our change once and had an awkward trot fix, plus hit a few long spots. Still, we improved and ended with a fifth place.


I left the ring on cloud nine, my horse was amazing. She was rideable, she was correct, and she tried her heart out. I couldn’t ask for anything else. The ribbons are nice, but there is nothing like succeeding with a horse you care about!

My mom took video, and therefore still has the clips.  Will post as soon as I get them from her!

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