We finally got a little bit of a break in the oppressive heat lately, so intent on having a ‘fun horse’ night versus a serious working night I tossed on shorts and a tank and went to go toodle around on my beastie bareback.  The next few days will be really hard, training rides, so this sounded like the best idea to me!

Arriving at the barn I heard that the little herd O lives in had been running about their field like manics for the past 20 minutes.  Great.

Luckily O was easy to catch, as the herd (especially the cute old retirees) seemed to be done with the running for the day.  As soon as I closed the gate behind her though I saw something red…and knew I wasn’t getting on my horse today.

O got whammied by another horse while running today, leaving a nice horse shoe shaped kick mark on her back left.  Below picture is after hosing.

Since it had probably just happened,  I cold hosed her for almost 20 minutes.  During which she danced around and slapped me repeatedly with her wet tail.  Awesome.

O is not pleased with cold hose time.

O is not pleased with cold hose time.

She did trot and canter out soundly on a lunge, so that is good news.  I didn’t do a lot, just enough to see what I was going to be working with ouchie wise.

I then tortured her with mane pulling and a bath before tossing her back out.  Hopefully all will be fine tonight!  Lesson tonight, schooling tomorrow, show Saturday.  

Distracted pony.

Distracted pony.

Dat face.  Even if it's blurry.

Dat face. Even if it’s blurry.

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9 thoughts on “Whammy

  1. Glad it doesn’t look that bad! Charlie is constantly coming in with some new injury from playing with his friends. Vetericyn is my new best friend (although that just helps the skin heal).

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