Sunday Selfie

It’s back to being horrible hot and humid around here, and the horses are feeling the work load, especially my little butterball.  So just for fun after our ride she’s getting extra shower time, and I’ve taken to sticking my head in the hose too, hence we both get a nice soak.  In a way this is totally embarrassing, but I figure you horse people understand how fabulous cold water feels after wearing a helmet!  And no, I am not the only rider at my barn to try this method out, some girls ever rock a towel turban look and whip that out while they clean tack.  

photo (7)

Worth it.


Minus forcing her to share her shower water, O and I have been having a great set of lessons lately!  I really hope we can continue this pattern right to the show next weekend.  

11 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie

  1. I love to stick my head under the hose after a ride! It makes me feel like a little kid. I’ve had to cut back with the drought since I don’t rinse off Sprout after each ride.

  2. Oh yes! Head dunkings have been known to happen with me, too! I’ve also been known to just stick my head in a clean (emphasis on the CLEAN) water bucket!

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