Review: Charleigh’s Cookies


I received an amazing tub of these cookies via an online giveaway, and I was thrilled! I had heard of them before, but seeing as they weren’t sold at my favorite store I had never tried them out.

Opening the 6.5lb tub at the barn, I was greeted by their fabulous smell!  Seriously, had there not been so many people around us, I probably would have tasted one myself.


Perfect size and crunch factor.

Perfect size and crunch factor.

Even in the heat, these cookies were a nice, crunchy texture and not sticky.  A major plus for any rider who shoves cookies in her/his pockets before headed out to see the horses.

Quick promo from their website: Charleigh’s Cookies are made with fresh, organic ingredients and no preservatives.  You can read a bit more about their story here.

photo 2 (13)

I love that they come in a horse friendly (AKA hard to break into) container and it fits well inside my locker.

As far as taste, I’ll be honest, O goes nuts over them!  She will actually linger with me while her friends all trot off to join the herd if I have these cookies for her.  And God knows, that when I bring her in she immediately begins scrounging for them!  It’s adorable, and totally warranted.  Such a cute girl!

She begs.

She begs.

She gets.

She gets.

She loves!

She loves! (I’m calling this the face of bliss)

So in review, I am highly recommending these XOXO cookies from Charleigh’s Cookies!  We are only about 1/3 of the way through the 6.5 tub, but I will definitely be looking to getting more once we run out.  O and I are giving these delicious treats 4 horseshoes out of 4!


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