O’s Time Out

Last night I saw my beast for the first time since Monday.  I know, shame on me, I’m a horrible horse mom, but really life just kind of got in the way.  Also, O’s feet were a bit too long and it was making her not so comfy while under saddle so it’s not like I was going to ride anyway.

O spent her days basking with friends, having a small cut on her front left heal, and eating as much grass as she could stuff in her mouth without choking.  Last night she got her pedicure, complete with new shiny back shoe,s and all was back to normal in her world.  Side note: My horse stood ground tied for all 4 shoes out in the back driveaway, and didn’t move but to swish at flies.  I love my horse! My farrier and I have decided she just is just a glutton for the extra attention.

A ride for tonight, a lesson tomorrow and Monday, we’ve got a show in two weeks we should probably start working on.

photo (21)

photo (20)

14 thoughts on “O’s Time Out

  1. I bet she didn’t mind the time off lol 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about the show!!

    And that is AWESOME that she stood so well through the whole shoeing!

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