July Goals, June Analysis?

I cannot seem to find my post on what my goals were for June…and I can’t remember them either. So I will sum up. 

June: We didn’t jump or lesson much; between myself being out of town and my trainer being gone it just got busy.  Lots of good flat work though!  Bad note is that she chose this month to start being hard to catch again.  Not fun to ‘chase’ your horse for 50 minutes in 90 degree heat. We did hop over some oxers and she was cool as a cucumber.

July Goals:

1. Show in July

2. Continue great flatwork

3. Stay in shape (it’s gonna get hot)

4. Keep asking for the lead changes

5. Jump around more ‘filled’ jumps in preparation for show

6. Take O for a trail ride western style 

It’s starting to get more humid and hot outside, so I’m having to move around our rides a bit.  Trying to keep the focus strong going into our show at the end of July!


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