Viva Carlos Blog Hop: Why I Chose Her

What made you interested in your current horse that led you to buying them in the first place? I was assigned to ride O in a lesson one week, and had no idea who she was.


Not quite what you’d call pretty.

She was quiet on the ground, but almost droopy, sad quiet.  Once in the saddle I was dismayed at how much effort it took to keep her at the walk.  Seriously, pony club style kicking.  Her trot threw you out of the saddle, and I felt there was no way it could look nice.  And dear god, her canter was a hand gallop.  We flew around the ring, and really she was too unbalanced and too unwilling to do anything else. I was not a fan AT ALL.  

We started jumping and seeing as my legs were already half -dead from keeping her forward on the flat I half-assed my way to the little vertical and squeezed some more.  She jumped me hard out of the tack and I cannot believe to this day how I stayed on.  I came back around, less squeezing and realized little mare for the first time all ride had her ears up, and trotted happily to the jump before greenly launching over it. This time I rode like normal person and it was much better.  

She had a natural, easy way of jumping if still a bit overkill in the power department.   It was a blast to jump her.  Everything else was kind of sucky.  

I was untacking her when my assistant trainer at the time asked if I was looking for a horse.  She said she thought we were a great match.  I kind of shrugged it off, I was getting married in 4 months, living in an apartment, and just getting used to having a real person’s paycheck.  Any horse was just not in the mix, definitely not this one.

Not to mention O belonged to the Asst. Trainer….so any compliments I took with a grain of salt.  She threw out a number anyway, and I laughed and put O away.  No thanks, was the answer I repeated week after week.

I continued to ride her while other people tried her out.  No luck on selling her, even as her price went down. Meanwhile, I had started to figure her out.  Husband came to meet her, and as a farriers son his biggest concern was fixing her poor tootsies.  Another big negative for her.  Parents came to meet her, and my Dad vowed he was taking her home if I didn’t.  She really is the kindest mare I’ve known-big positive in her favor.


Dad and O: Besties still today.

But she was still so lazy, and green, and….I still loved every second of jumping…and being with her on the ground.


Please ignore me…she was exhausting to ride and I OBVIOUSLY am not photogenic here.

My trainer was watching me go around once on her, and after the ride said something to the figure of “she’s in awful shape, but I think we can make her into something pretty nice”.  My resolve to avoid buying her lessened even more.  

She was growing on me.

She was growing on me.

One night, I was talking to my fiance (now husband) and said I couldn’t deny that I wanted her and thought she had great potential.  Maybe I had found my adult hunter horse…just a few months/years earlier than I intended. He told me it was my choice. I called the trainer, and it was done. And then all the hard work started!

After one of our first rides.

After one of our first rides.

A year and a half later!

A year and a half later!


She’s grown up so much!

19 thoughts on “Viva Carlos Blog Hop: Why I Chose Her

  1. I strongly believe that the good ones sneak up on ya and wiggle their way in! When I first was offered my mare, I said “NO WAY,” but now she is my world! Sounds like similar situation with you and O.

  2. What a transformation! There’s a lesson horse I’m riding right now like that…so, so lazy, but a totally different guy over the jumps. Hated him at first, now he’s my favorite.

  3. That shot of O and your dad is so touching. It’s priceless!
    She sure does look a lot nicer than she did in those first photos. She looks very loved now.

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