Oxer Power!

Our next big hurdle in being competitive in the 2’6” (right behind straightness, lead changes, pace and a dozen other things) is the fact that there are more substantial oxers in that division.  And while neither trainer, nor I, think she’ ll have any issues getting over them, we did believe they might blow her little pony brain.

The last oxer that made her brain disappear.

The last oxer that made her brain disappear.

So we’ve decided to school oxers, and school them again…and probably again until finally O doesn’t give a rat’s ass about them anymore.  Until yesterday she had jumped exactly one in her life, and it was full on rocketship horse jumping style.  Last night’s lesson we focused on keeping O in her box where she is happy, off her forehand, and at a constant pace.

O bounced through the first few lines, happy, but not super willing to put in the strides for me.  After a few more firm half halts, we set up a little course with two oxers.  Jump 2 was a little roll top, and 3b was a plank. The last oxer had a half-barrel under it (O’s not a fan), that makes a nasty sand/plastic noise when the horses jump it.

jump course

Despite the fact I made my way to the first jump having to mentally chant “We can’t do this, we can do this” I managed to act like a half-decent rider during this course.  And in response she jumped around them all like it was no big deal.  Got her strides and landed off the last jump and gave a nice little flying change.  Major loves for her.  We came at it another time, and worked at getting her to the base, and she gave me some really nice jumps over the oxers.  Hal-le-freaking-lujah.  She was done with that. All in all, I was super proud.

 On a side note: O’s front bell boots are rubbing her legs (a perfect half circle at the back of her feet), but if I take her boots off she’ll rip shoes off her feet.  How the heck do I treat that?   Ideas welcome!

9 thoughts on “Oxer Power!

  1. I LOVE Centaur bell boots from Dover. They’re cheap- $8.99, usually last me like 6 months and are generous in size. I use these for turnout and then a nice pair of ballistic no-turn Prof Choice for schooling. The Centaur’s have never rubbed my guy like the “thicker” rubber bell boots. Hope this helps.

    • To best honest she might be wearing centaur bells right now (I’ve bought them before), but she burns through them so much I don’t know which pair she’s got on. Thanks for the advice though, I’ll definitely check into getting more.

  2. Great job with the oxers!

    I haven’t really ever had to deal with bell boots (knock on wood) so not much help to you there.

  3. I honestly love the plain pain-in-the-ass pull on bell boots. Because they don’t have a seam, they don’t seem to rub my delicate chestnut flower. Of course, every horse is different! If those are what you’re using, you might look at taking an old pair of socks, and super glueing them to inside of the boot to get a nice soft pad? That might rub more if they get wet, though.

  4. Congrats on the oxers! I feel you on the bell boot rubs: my diva boy has to have (only) the Roma’s with sheepskin to wear 24/7. They last about 6 months, though, and there are NO RUBS. I get mine from hayneedle.com two pair at the time. He can work in professional’s choice ballistic no-turns.

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